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Does Botox make you look expressionless ?

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Its interesting to hear the media stating that line relaxing treatments such as botox can leave you looking expressionless, to some extent this is true if a practitioner injects large amounts in the wrong areas, it will create a frozen face which lacks expression, however when used well and the right amount in exactly the right area pleasing natural looks can be achieved, which makes the face look fresher and less tired.

Skinboost adopts this approach because it gives enhanced more natural long term effects.

It is  interesting to find how emotions and wrinkles are perceived by others, a study carried out by a University in Pennsylvania, found that people find it difficult to read the emotions of people with wrinkles on the forehead and mouth, perceiving them to be angry sad or tired. .

They concluded that many over 50s were not having cosmetic injections because of vanity but because they felt their face did not reflect their true state of health or wellbeing.





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