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Nose filler reshaping

Just wanted to say how pleased I am with the nose re shaping I had done at skin boost.

My nose had a large bump in the middle of it which caused me to dislike my profile and I would only be photographed front on.

I was really nervous beforehand but Caroline reassured me throughout the procedure and we had discussed what was best for me before hand.

The procedure itself was more uncomfortable then painful. I was lucky and did not get any swelling or redness, just a very small amount of bruising. My nose was a little sore afterwards for a couple of weeks but nothing that required me to take pain killers or stop me doing my usual activities.

Friends have noticed a difference but are not able to guess what it is.

Surgery wasn't an option for me and I'm so happy with the result I can't imagine not having it done now. My nose is now very straight and I am looking forward to an upcoming wedding to see how the pictures turn out.

Thank you skin boost!

Julie Hull

May 2013

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