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Acne treatment York

After suffering from adult acne for years (I'm now nearly 42) and after repeated rounds of antibiotics I decided to visit Caroline for a course of skin peels after researching the benefit of skin peels on recurrent acne on the internet. After only 2 peels so far my skin looks the best now since I was in my early 20's and everyone is commenting on it. I was a little concerned that the term "peel" would be invasive and would irritate my skin. Quite the opposite,  I haven't had any adverse reactions at all. I am now completely hooked and plan to have these every 6 weeks as recommended to hopefully keep the acne at bay and keep my skin looking fresh and fabulous. I would DEFINITELY recommend this treatment. Caroline has also recommended some very effective products to use in between peels which have also made a dramatic difference. I now regret having wasted ridiculous amounts of money over the years on department store skin products when I should have been having this treatment instead.

Jill in York

June 2013

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