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Lip Enhancement

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Click the photo above to see more detailed before and after carried out by Caroline Tripp at Skinboost clinic.


Juvederm Restylane Lip Dermal fillers

Whether you would like increased plumpness or overall softness, Restylane or Juvederm lip fillers give outstanding results.

The treatments enable you to build subtle volume, add softness and smoothness and restore the natural hydrobalance of your lips, all in one simple revitalising treatment.

Lips can be delicately enhanced and defined  to create contour and volume, there are different ways to treat lips.

Enhance lip contours, increase lip volume, treat wrinkles around the mouth, bring support to lip corners and re-hydrate the lips, this is achieved by using hyaluronic acid that works especially well in the delicate tissue of the lips giving a natural effect that will typically last for between six and nine months.

With age, our skin tone gradually decreases and as a result, the skin dries out and becomes fragile and the first wrinkles appear.

Lip treatments combat this natural progression and will help to reshape lip contours, increase lip volume and treat wrinkles around the mouth, delivering the perfect pout.

Not just another lip treatment
Beauty ideals have changed over time. Obvious volume and augmentation of the lips that has been the trend for a while, is on the way out.  We now look for symmetry and balance rather than sizeable impact.  Skinboost products are tailor-made to create subtle but still noticeable improvement and above all, natural results.  Whether your focus is on increased volume, or just refreshing your lips, natural looks are always our objective.

Initially there will be some swelling and sometimes bruising in the lip area from the injections. This should quickly subside to reveal your full and plump lips.